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Published By: Symantec     Published Date: Nov 30, 2015
Che tu sia un singolo utente o un'azienda, l'approccio alla sicurezza online deve essere lo stesso che adotteresti per la sicurezza fisica della tua casa o del tuo ufficio. Oltre a garantire un maggiore senso di sicurezza, questo consente di proteggere le persone che visitano la tua casa, il tuo luogo di lavoro o il tuo sito Web. » importante comprendere i rischi potenziali e quindi assicurarsi di essere completamente protetti contro di essi. Nel mondo della tecnologia in rapida evoluzione, non Ť sempre facile rimanere al passo con le innovazioni piý recenti. Per questa ragione Ť consigliabile rivolgersi a un'azienda che si occupa di sicurezza in Internet con una solida reputazione.
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Published By: MessageLabs     Published Date: Jul 16, 2009
What you don't know can destroy your business. It's hard to imagine modern business without the internet but in the last few years it has become fraught with danger. Internet crooks are the dotcom entrepreneurs of crime, using the power of computers and the interconnections of the network against innocent businesses to make money. Learn more today!
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messagelabs, email security, web security, virus, spam, spyware, phishing
Published By: Red Gate Software     Published Date: Oct 19, 2007
This short white paper discusses the common pitfalls and performance problems .NET developers come across when creating applications. The paper also presents several ways of getting around these issues, so that developers can make their .NET applications perform the way they should.
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scalability, performance, performance problem, performance problems, .net, .net application, optimize code, .net profiling, profile .net, complexity, dot net, red-gate, red gate, redgate
Red Gate Software
Published By: Elementool Inc.     Published Date: Jan 28, 2008
Elementool, a leading provider of web-based project management tools for developers, including bug, defect, time-tracking and help desk tools, has announced the release of a bug tracking add-in tool for developers using the Visual Studio.NET 2005 platform. It is available free to Elementool’s community of project management solution subscribers.
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bug tracking, project management, software development, effective management process, defect tracking, dot net, .net, software testing, quality assurance, quality control, elementool
Elementool Inc.
Published By: MessageLabs     Published Date: Sep 25, 2008
In the underground digital economy, thousands of criminals conduct business in excess of $100 billion. In this whitepaper you’ll learn more about this highly specialized marketplace, and how it generates powerful tools to steal victims’ identities. You’ll also see why MessageLabs unique proprietary technology helps to disrupt this activity.
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messagelabs, malware, trojans, spyware, viruses,, fraud, botnet, spammers
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