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Employees Consume Media Just Like Consumers — With Snackable, Digital, Mobile Content

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Published:  Aug 01, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

Increased technology has increased noise. To effect change and create culture, employee communication needs to cut through the noise. But how? We need a new way to communicate. It’s time for HR to think like a marketer: Create campaign-driven, just-in-time information experiences to engage employees with your programs. Leverage our three-stage, six-step methodology to educate your employees and help them arrive to the  right decision.


Step 1: Create awareness about HR/business initiative.

Step 2:  Align initiative with employee needs and create urgency.


Step 3: Help employees identify needs in solving problem.

Step 4: Align solution with employee needs.


Step 5: Make the case for solution adoption.

Step 6: Validate choice and reinforce value.

This decision journey requires different touch points and small pieces of information over time, in different formats, and at different points in time. If you want employees to take action — especially the right action — you need to understand that the way they consume information is changing. Learn a new approach today.

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